Sunday, January 23, 2011

US Constitution Upheld -- TSA Slapped Down

An Albuquerque jury found Phil Mocek innocent of all charges brought by the Albuquerque Police Department Aviation Unit.

Mr. Mocek refused to show the TSA and ID, insisting that he knew his constitutional rights, and filmed his encounter with TSA and the Albuquerque PD. For that he was arrested, charged with four misdemeanors: trespassing, disorderly conduct, refusing to obey an officer, and concealing his identity.

Civil libertarians have taken great interest in his trial, given that TSA has no law enforcement authority, and that there is a widespread belief they have no legal authority to demand someone identify themselves at the checkpoint if they are in possession of a valid airline ticket and boarding pass. Citizens cannot be accused of trespassing at a public airport if they also have those two documents, since they have a valid contract allowing them to be at the airport.

Watching the linked video, one sees just how out of control TSA is, and how the police department simply accepts what they say as gospel truth.

TSA is, simply put, out of control.

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