Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miserable MEAL

We went to the IHOP on South Gilbert Rd. last night, and had one of the worst dining experiences in memory.

We were greeted and seated almost immediately. it would have been ice if they told us about the problem with missing cooks.

Our server, Tina/Trina, was attentive and efficient. The only real good part of the meal!

Apparently, two cooks had called out, and the manager was in the kitchen trying to fill orders while they attempted to get one of the morning cooks to come in for an additional shift. In addition, the manager apparently was not feeling well, and with the location of our table, we could hear the constant litany of complaints coming out of the kitchen.

Food delivery was slow -- very, very slow. We were just getting ready to get up and walk out when our food was delivered. We should have left while the leaving was good.

Mrs. Curmudgeon had the fish and chips with unseasoned fried and cole slaw. The fish was prepared properly, the french fried were seasoned and the cole slaw was a yellow-mess that smelled bad and was bitter to the taste.

My burger had to be sent back before it even got to the table, because they forgot the fries. Then, with it did get to the table, they had forgotten the egg. We won't spend a lot of time here criticizing the fact that the burger was not cooked toorder, but was precooked and slightly warmed. How slightly warmed was it? Not enough to melt the cheddar cheese.

We ate what we could, paid and left. Some 24 hours later, the bad taste over the dining experience is still in my mouth.

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Gunner said...

I thought I would leave a follow-up on this.

I did a cut-and-paste to the IHOP website and that apparently generated a bit of a stir. I got a couple of phone calls on my answering machine from the store manager, but she called when I was at work, so we never connected.

I got a log apologetic e-mail from the district manger, who promised to send me a gift certification. I sent a cordial reply, but never received the gift certification.

Oh well!