Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thoughts on the Big 6-zero.

I turn 60 this week, and frankly I'm having a hard time with it.

Sixty. The economy is in the tank, the Democrats successfully sabotaged the bush administration, the cult of personality won out in the election, and full-blown socialism is on our doorstep.

Sixty. I'm too old to find a new job -- so I pray that I can keep mine. I doubt I'll ever see Social Security or Medicare, the Cardinals made the Superbowl (quit strutting around Bidwill, all your family ever did was institutionalize mediocrity for 61 years), the D-Backs let Randy Johnson go to San Francisco.

Sixty. Chandler is in reasonably good financial stead, my local HOA is solvent, Fulton Homes filed for bankruptcy (that will put a stop to all those construction defect lawsuits for a while).

Sixty! I never figured to make 40. Heck, there were times when I never figured to survive 1971.

Sixty! Who'd a thunk it???

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Anonymous said...

Heck Gunner, I really never planned on getting past 30. Congrats on the birthday regardless, as they still beat the only way I know to quit having them.