Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Chandler Republic

I've been trying, with no success, to get the people who distribute the Chandler Republic to stop throwing free copies of their newspaper in my driveway once or twice a week or so.

I don't want it.

I called customer service on two occasions and politely asked them to stop. I was assured it would stop.

Obviously it has not.

I tersely called the Southeast Valley General Manager of the Chandler Republic, Mr. Paul Maryniak at 602-444-7785 and told his voicemail that I didn't want him littering my driveway and insisted that he stop delivering the paper. I wondered aloud if I would need to collect the papers and redeliver them to his home address in Mesa, but that did not get him to stop.

I don't understand. He is involved in nice charities, being on the boards of Save The Family Foundation, The Mesa Arts Center Foundation, East Valley partnership, and others. One would think that with that degree of civic responsibility he would have the power to stop the delivery of the newspaper to my home -- but apparently not.

So, dear blog readers, I am soliciting ideas on how to (legally) get the powers that be at the newspaper to stop littering my driveway.


Anonymous said...

Start a bonfire in his driveway!

Gunner said...

So what did I find sitting on the end of the driveway?

Yep, another copy of the Chandler Repulsive.

I have to go visit the Chandler PD on other business this week. I'll see if I can get the delivery guy cited for littering, since they usually end up on the sidewalk and are rarely far enough up the driveway to get past the city easement.

To think, I used to work there.

Gunner said...

I even e-mail Paul with the link to this blog.

No reply posted by him here, and no reply to my e-mail.

Guess he doesn't want to talk about it. Strange business model. Ignoring angry customers.

I guess this is Paul's Philadelphia tough-guy response.

Next step on my part is to contact the Audit Bureau of Circulation and find out if littering people's driveways with unwanted copies can be counted toward their circulation. Circulation directly relates to what they can charge for advertisements.

Gunner said...

I sent another e-mail, this time to Paul and to John Zidich, the publisher of The Arizona Republic.

We'll see if that warrants the courtesy of a response.

Gunner said...

Just received the following:

Dr. Mr. Vaughan,

I apologize for the lack of communication and will make sure your address is removed from the distribution list.

John Zidich

Gunner said...

Also received this:

Dear Mr. Vaughan:

I have asked our circulation department to stop delivery of the Chandler Republic to your home, and ask that you call my direct line at the number below if it should continue. I have no record whatsoever of your address, and the only home on Laredo where we have stopped CR at the recipient's request appears to be several blocks away.
Regardless, I am sorry you've experienced so much frustration because I give these stop requests immediate attention. Call or write asap if the carrier overlooks the stop order and I will personally make sure you're not bothered again.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Dang gunner... next time just call the circulation dept, tell 'em you lost your job but *need* the paper to look for another... could they *please* continue to deliver on a complimentary basis?

Not only would they have instantaneously shut off delivery, the bean-counters would've sent someone to get the ones on the driveway too.

Anonymous said...

Start a bonfire in his driveway, and you'll find a policeman at yours!!

The GM can only do so much, regarding the circulation dept. and the deliverers. But making threats of fires in driveways, I do believe is illegal.

The Wife of that driveway!