Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Assault Rifles on Campus

According to the Arizona Republic, plans are now in place to arm the campus police at ASU, U of A and NAU with assault rifles.

No, I'm not making this up. Assault rifles.

Police departments at Arizona's three universities plan to arm their officers with military-style assault rifles within the next year, officials said Tuesday.

The new rifles would give campus police officers long-range shooting capabilities, allowing them to hit targets at the end of long hallways or atop tall buildings, officials said.

Arizona State University will be the first of the three schools to use the weapons. Officers there will be trained to use the rifles in the next few months, said ASU police spokesman Cmdr. Jim Hardina.

Officers will undergo 40 hours of training before using the weapons.

"We don't want to just throw rifles out there," Hardina said.

Well, I'm really glad they are not going tho just throw the assault rifles out there.

Is this stupid, or what? I'm all in favor of gun rights, but this idea is really off base, and I'm willing to be that within the first year of implementation we have at least one ugly incident that involves those weapons.

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