Wednesday, February 27, 2008


No, I haven't abandoned this blog, just been busy with real life.

I'm now editing in a second directory, Best of the Web. ( This is a long-time directory with a million or so listings and a taxonomy that is similar to the one in use by the Open Directory Project (, which the old timers remember was adapted from the old Usenet heirarchy.

They have three main directories: the basic main directory, a blog directory (which is a lot of fun) and a just-launched enterprise software directory. I'm editing in the main directory and the blog directory, and have really been enjoying the experience.

There are a lot of differences between BoTW and ODP, the largest being that BoTW is a privately owned directory that does have a mechanism for paid reviews and sponsored categories. This revenue is what keeps the lights on and helps to fund the growth of the directory.

And while I remain involved with the ODP, that project needs to experience a sea change as it has started to grow stagnant under AOL's stewardship.

Both directories serve valuable purposes and wise webmasters and bloggers should suggest their sites to both.

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Brian said...

Thanks for the mention and welcome to the editing ranks at BOTW Gunner!