Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Arizona Web Directory

As an experiment I've started an Arizona-centric web directory called Arizona Web Guide (http://www.azwebguide.com).

It is still in growth mode, with fewer than 500 listings -- but I invite you to pay it a visit and if you have an Arizona business or an Arizona-oriented website, go ahead and submit it.

It's free, and free is a very good price.


Anonymous said...


Apologies for posting this here, but I could not find any other way of contacting you.

I'm currently attempting to create an all-variant AC-130 in the PC military game Armed Assault.
I'm in the very early stages at the moment. I have FLIR optics and I've completed some of the armaments, but they do not have realistic firing properties because I have yet to script an orbit system.

If you don't mind, would it be possible for me to contact you by email so I can ask you some questions relating to the weapon systems of the AC-130, and maybe have you look at a video on YouTube of my work thus far so you can judge the realism of the weapons?

mikestarkweather * gmail
(* = @ to throw of email harvest)


Anonymous said...

Just submitted my site. Thanks!

Guide to Phoenix bars.