Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Snappy Nappy Veto Happy

The carpetbagger who presently occupies the Governor's office vetoed SenateBill 1236 which would have prohibited local government agencies from accepting the widely used Mexican Consular Cards as formal means of identifications.

The cards, issued by the Mexican government, are widely forged, and are often used to abet illegal immigration, a concept the carpetbagger-in-charge chooses to ignore.

Today I vetoed Senate Bill 1236 which would have prohibited the state or any political subdivision from accepting as a valid form of identification a consular identification card that is issued by a foreign government.

I did so for the same reasons I vetoed Senate Bill 1511 on May , 2006. Without the ability to accept a consular ID card, Arizona's law enforcement officers may be unable to confirm the identities of foreign nationals who are stopped for any reason. If a foreign national is pulled over for a traffic violation and presents a consular ID our law enforcement officers have the ability to use that ID to determine whether the person is wanted for other crimes. It makes no sense to hamstring our law enforcement agencies' efforts to know the criminal histories of foreign nationals they encounter.

I guess that the carpetbagger never heard of a passport -- which is a book-like form of identification that one must use when crossing international borders. I carry mine with me whenever I travel internationally, and it is not unreasonable to expect others to do the same -- unless one is hellbent on pandering to the illegal immigrants for political reasons.

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