Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our AG at work

I'm no big fan of Attorney General Terry Goddard. I hold the opinion that political considerations routinely outweigh his respect for the law, and that he uses his office to promote his liberal political agenda.

His website is a piece of work -- and I suspect he pays he PR people by the word, and they are very quick to dash off press releases of marginal value -- all designed to keep Terry in the news.

Still, buried in the unbridled puffery, there are some occasional jewels.

(Phoenix, Ariz. – May 18, 2007) Attorney General Terry Goddard today warned consumers to be wary of callers claiming to be from Arizona Veterans Hospital or Veterans Services asking for donations over the telephone.

The Attorney General’s Office has received information that individuals claiming to be associated with the hospital or veterans group are soliciting donations over the telephone to make food baskets for veterans.

This is a scam! The Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center Hospital and the Arizona State Veterans Home do not solicit over the telephone and are not collecting money for food baskets.

OK, good stuff that. Contrast it with this:

(Phoenix, Ariz. – May 21, 2007) Attorney General Terry Goddard today commended MySpace for agreeing to provide information on sex offenders found using the popular Internet social network.

Once the data about registered sex offenders is obtained, it will be shared with local law enforcement officials, Goddard said. The information can be used to look for potential parole or probation violations by offenders who may be barred from using a social networking site or contacting minors.

“This agreement will provide an additional tool to law enforcement to help protect
children from predators,” Goddard said.
A careful read of the press release fails to note that Terry Terrific and his staff had anything to do with the agreement -- or who forged the deal. In fact, the press release strongly suggests that Terry is grandstanding. After all, if he had anything at all to do with the agreement, we can be certain that his efforts would have been highlighted in excruciating detail.

But Terry is busy chasing smokers and doesn't even have time to enforce the illegal immigration laws -- unless it is an illegal immigrant caught smoking in a business.

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