Monday, May 28, 2007

More Rest Room News

Posted 5/18/07

No, I'm not changing the theme of this blog, but I have to share this:

DESTIN, Fla. - Confusing signs on the bathroom doors at McGuire's Irish Pub have played jokes on customers for years, sending women to the men's room and vice versa.

But the father of a girl who was interrupted by a man in the women's room and Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation don't find the signs funny.

The agency recently threatened the Panhandle tourist landmark with closure for "Lack of signage properly designating bathrooms."

The state took action after the father filed a complaint, which said his 15-year-old daughter was embarrassed and left the restaurant crying after the bathroom incident.

The signs have been up for 10 years in Destin and 30 years in Pensacola.

Florida's tax dollars at work. The 15 year-old can't read, daddy has to demonstrate his testosterone level, and the state has to demonstrate its total lack of common sense and humanity. Sure, shut them down. Why not just burn them to the ground.

If this great nation fails it will be cause of our loss of individuality.

The same lack of common sense and governmental pig headedness is happening in our own Pinal County where San Tan Flat owner Dale Bell will be subject to fines of $700 a day for allowing dancing outdoors at his restaurant.

Gotta stop that evil dancing in Pinal County.

I have an idea...maybe Pinal County can mount huge outdoor speakers along the routes where illegal immigrant travel, then at night, they can play loud music and nab the illegals for illegal dancing.


Under the agreement reached late Saturday night, the restaurants will be required to install an additional set of doors to prevent any embarrassing incidents.

"When you walk in the front door of the bathroom, and you walk into the alcove, before you get to the stalls, there will be a swinging door that will be labeled men or women as appropriate," said Holly Benson, secretary for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and a former state representative from Pensacola.

Benson said the owners of McGuire's agreed to the new doors because they did not want to embarrass customers.

McGuire's has 30 days to install the doors.

Glad to see that some common sense can prevail.

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Anonymous said...

Having lived in Pensacola for several years and LOVING Maguires I have to say that is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. I find it hard to believe that our society has hit a point where we are that uptight. Not to mention the fact that I can't believe the brassiers hanging arond the bar didn't offend the entire clan.