Thursday, April 12, 2007

What do we stand for?

I love living in Chandler. It is a great community, it is well managed and local government is not overly obtrusive.

However, I have noticed an alarming trend among the populus. There are against it. What exactly is it? It is whatever is being proposed.

  • The medical research firm Covance wants to come to town. Lead by the extremists at PETA, there is a small but vocal group opposed to the firm.
  • Plans are underway for a very modest increase n the runway length at the Chandler Airport. The NIMBY crowd is all up in arms, suggesting massive fireballs in neighborhood backyards if corporate jet (ooooohhhh how evil, corporate jets) will be able to take off with a bit more fuel. They seem to not notice that their neighbor who rents a Cessna 172 about one weekend a month will have a bit more runway for safety purposes.
  • The Gila River Indian Community plans to build a new casino on its own land near Gilbert Road and Hunt Highway and all the soccer moms are out in force trying to stop the project because it is not Family Friendly. What? All anyone is going to see is a huge parking lot and a huge building with people going in and out. No different than Intel or Motorola. Big building with no windows and lots of traffic.
  • Members of the Hindu faith want to build a worship temple near Dobson and Galveston and people are trying to rally support in opposition. They are opposed to the noise and traffic. Maybe they can work a swap and get the casino?
  • Plans are underway to put a privately owned garbage transfer station about 1 mile away from the City's own showcase site (which was the subject of much opposition) and people complaining about the trucks, the traffic, the smell, and the general idea, even though there are no trucks, no traffic and no smells.
People complain about a lack of leadership in the world today, but in a fictional series available only on the web, author Lazlo Zalezac has woven the concept of a lack of followship into several of his stories. We don't lack people who are willing and able to lead, we are lacking in people who are willing to follow without putting their own personal priorities first.

We see this in one issue voters. People will judge candidates based on one issue and one issue alone. They will vote for a Janet Napolitano or a Terry Goddard or a Harry Mitchell because their are upset that the Republican candidate is not "right" on a single issue, so will vote for their opponent "just to teach them a lesson." Some lesson. I can smell the smugness from here.

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