Thursday, April 26, 2007

The National Cowardice Party

The cowards who lead the Democratic party have done it again -- betrayed our country and our fighting forces in an effort to extract political revenge.

From the Associated Press:

A defiant Democratic-controlled Senate passed legislation Thursday that would require the start of troop withdrawals from Iraq by Oct. 1, propelling Congress toward a historic veto showdown with President Bush on the war.

The 51-46 vote was largely along party lines, and like House passage of the same bill a day earlier, fell far short of the two-thirds margin needed to overturn the president's threatened veto. Nevertheless, the legislation is the first binding challenge on the war that Democrats have managed to send to Bush since they reclaimed control of both houses of Congress in January.

The $124.2 billion bill requires troop withdrawals to begin Oct. 1, or sooner if the Iraqi government does not meet certain benchmarks. The House passed the measure Wednesday by a 218-208 vote.
The Cowards in Congress were aided by two turncoat Republicans, Gordon Smith of Oregon and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, while the Party of Surrender had no one of integrity, other than former Democrat and now independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut who sided with America.

Republicans said the vote amounted to little more than political theater because the bill would be dead on arrival after reaching the White House. Bush said he will veto the bill so long as it contains a timetable on Iraq, as well as $20 billion in spending added by Democrats.

So there we have it, the high-minded Democrats pushing a pork-laden bill to cut the feet out from under our military -- but I guess they can sleep well because they got a few million extra for their constituents.


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