Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More EU Imagination

The EU has stumbled again -- badly -- in its inability to agree upon cell phone roaming rules.

EU politicians and officials on Tuesday failed to resolve key details of a plan to cut the cost of calling abroad on cell phones, EU sources said.

Representatives of the European Parliament, the Commission and member states tried to agree the levels at which price caps should be set and whether consumers should be automatically switched to the regulated rates.

"There has been no agreement today," an EU diplomat told Reuters. "There will be a second round of talks on May 2."

The executive European Commission has promised Europeans the new rates by this summer, but the three EU bodies, heavily lobbied by industry and consumer groups, are split over the details and time is running short.

As is typical with the EU, each country is acting like a fifedom, working to protect its own interests at the expense of greater good. In addition:

Cell phone companies have opposed the planned rules, saying caps would crush investment in infrastructure and that prices are coming down in any case.As if any of the cell phone company have acted responsibly in the past.

So, my European friends, if you take your cell phone with you on holiday, be prepared to pay through the nose for any calls you make, while the European disUnion continues to play games and avoid the inevitable.

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