Thursday, April 26, 2007

J.D.'s Newest Gig!

He has come full circle.

From media personality to US Congressman, J.D. Hayworth has returned to talk radio as the newest drive time talk show host on KFYI.

Congressman Hayworth has already proven himself to be an excellent on-air talk host. Twelve years after taking the oath of office as a United States Congressman, and 20 years after making his Arizona broadcasting debut, J.D. Hayworth returns to his profession in his familiar surroundings at KFYI.
It wil be good hearing JD's reasoned opinions on the way hoem from work every afternoon, and I hope that this gig is short lived as it catapult's him into the Governorship of this fine state.

The new gig starts today at 4 p.m at 550 on the AM spectrum.

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