Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pederson campaign continues to spam

The spammers at the Pederson campaign continue to flood my e-mail box with their unsolicited garbage -- even after being told to stop.

They also use a variety of e-mail addresses in order to get around little things like Junk mail filters.

9/12 First e-mail from Sky Gallegos, Pederson 2006 This is the one where I immediately notified them to cease and desist.

9/17 Will Bessette, Pederson 2006

9/19 Jim Pederson 2006

9/20 Jim Pederson 2006

9/22 Sky Gallegos, Pederson 2006

9/24 Jim Pederson 2006

9/25 Jim Pederson 2006

9/28 Jim Pederson

9/30 Sky Gallegos, Pederson 2006

What does this say about the candidate and his tactics?
He may have $8 million to blow on getting elected, but has he demonstrated any ethics?
My e-mail is his e-mail?
Don't I have the right to tell him I don't want to listen to him?
Does his right to blather on negate my right to say no?
Is this how he would govern, by running roughshod over my rights?
Or wouldn't I have any rights if he were elected?
How many other websites and forum has he harvested for e-mail addresses?

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