Friday, July 28, 2006

Open Directory Project

As you may or may not know, I am a volunteer editor with something called The Open Directory Project.

The ODP, which is also known as DMOZ, is a volunteer effort to catalogue the World Wide Web.

Information the status or activities of the project can be found here, and unofficial discussion forums can be found here and here.

Here is my job description:

Editors select, evaluate, describe and organize Web sites. They are responsible for reviewing submissions to their categories, and list sites according to prescribed editorial guidelines. Editors join the ODP by applying to edit a category that corresponds to their interests. Generally, new editors apply to edit in small categories at first, and then apply to edit additional areas after they have accumulated a number of edits.

Since this is a community managed project, editors often do a lot of other things in addition to listing web sites. Many technologically savvy editors help to build editing tools and features, and share them with the other editors. Senior editors volunteer to mentor junior editors. Some editors initiate editing projects to improve the overall quality of the directory, and to deal with backlogs of unreviewed sumbissions. For ODP editors, they sky's the limit in terms what they can do here. This makes the ODP a particularly fun and interesting place.

I have a permission to edit in a wide variety of areas within the project, but spend most of my time with Regional/ where websites are listed based upon where the business or person behind the website is physically located.

But most of you already know this, so why am I going over old ground?

Simply to tell you that over the course of the next five months I am going to undertake a self-driven project to make sure that ever site that has been submitted to Regional/North_America/United_States/Arizona/ or any of its extensive subcats, but has yet to be reviewed, will be looked at. Not listed, but looked at/reviewed. Arizona has more than 9,200 listed sites, and I hope to get that number up to more than 10,000 by New Year's Day.

This is going to be a huge undertaking, and I will share the details, trials and tribulations, progress and success with you -- until I have completed my journey or gotten totally burned-out/bored. And, in the spirit of volunteerism, I may even ask for some specific help along the way.

So, let us begin.

Listed sites: 9,227

I've begun this journey in Arizona/Arts_and_Entertainment/.
  • Killed off one submitted site that has been declined several times in the past.
  • Spent a fair amount of time looking for a replacement URL for the Arizona Theatre Alliance -- which seems to have vanished. They used to have a website at but that is inactive and parked. I thought I found a replacement at but that is seriously busted and very, very out-of-date.
So, here come my first request: If anyone knows of a website for the Arizona Theatre Alliance, or knows of its fate, please let me know.

So tonight I completed working my way through Arizona/Arts_and_Entertainment and as I close this blog here is where we stand:

Listed sites: 9,235 and I added about half the sites I touched tonight.


Gunner said...

Listed sites: 9,248

Gunner said...

Last night listed sites 9261
This morning listed sites 9259

Gunner said...

Up and down. Automated link checker has begun running, which delists a lot of sites.

Got it back up to 9261 though

Gunner said...

Busy day today. Worked in Society_and_Culture/Politics/Candidates_and_Campaigns and added the website of everyone running for statewide office, plus everyone running for State Senate in Districts 1-10.

Listed sites 9301.

Gunner said...

Up to 9320 and Senate District 25.

Granny J said...

I don't know if my site says the word AZ anywhere, but that's where it's located -- Prescott. I've been trying to compile a reasonable listing of AZ blogs; maybe you'd be interested in my list