Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Physicians Committee for whatever

I received an oversized post card in the mail yesterday from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine with an address in Washington DC.

They want me to write to the Mayor of Chandler to stop a company by the name of Covance from moving the Chander and setting up a 400,000 square foot facility.

They link to a pair of websites: www.protectchandler.org which is not really a website, but just a redirector to the part of the Committee's website. The second, www.covancecruelty.com is run by those yahoos at PETA.

Frankly, I think PETA is more dangerous than any company they accuse of cruelty in animal testing. Those people are seriously whacked -- and have less credibility with me than does John Kerry.

Think about it: any company that is so hated by PETA that it merits it's own website, that has a Committee of Physicians (Wow!) in Washington DC trying to stop it, and even has ex-Beatle Paul McCartney taking time out from his upcoming divorce to write a letter to Governess Janet -- has got to be a pretty good place. Why maybe we can get Celine Dion or Hanoi Jane Fonda to throw themselves under some bulldozers at the groundbreaking. Bet Channel 3 would do a two hour special on that bit of local news.

Still, I was compelled to write to our Mayor. Here is my letter:

Dear Mr. Mayor:

I see that the Virginia-based People for Ethical Treatment of Animals have teamed up with the Washington DC based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine have mass-mailed residents to get them to urge you to stop Covance from adding a facility and jobs to the Chandler economy.

May I respectfully request that you tell both organizations to "Stuff It" that the people of Chandler do not need professional trouble makers messing with our economy, with our job base and with our lives.

I don't work for Covance, in fact I know little about them other than PETA hates them, which is good enough for me.

Please, Mr. Mayor, come down on the side of Chandler, our economy and our job base, and don't let these out-of-state organizations dictate what is best for Chandler -- neither group cares about our great City -- they only want to further their political agenda and raise money.

Frank Vaughan
Chandler Resident


Gunner said...

And today I received a nice reply from the Mayor, the contents of which I choose not to share.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Covance,I agree with the job base statment, I work in health care now. The doctors I attend with at Chandler hospital have history with Covance.
It seems the stress level at Covance is very high as well as the turn-over in all facilitys. One chemist said he felt like he was in jail, and he felt the company didnt trust anyone in employment. I understanding there are several other company's interested in the same area Covance wants to build. I personaly think there not worth the headache. BTW. I went to one of those citizens against Covance meetings and there was about 40 chandler residents, seriouly I believe the strongest opposition is from them, not the Peta people.
Regarding Mayor Petersen.
O understand he's concerns acout people opposing Covance, my son works with him at AZcure and they stand to loose major funding. Fife Symington is associated with Covance spokesperson, that does not sit well with me.

Dr John

Anonymous said...

Frank V. (Gunner), I happened upon the comments you made about Covance on 5/23/06. You basically said you are backing Covance 100% despite the fact that you know very little about them. Isn't that a bit dangerous? You are a scary person! If PETA opposed Saddam Hussein, would you support him, too? Have you learned anything about Covance since then? Still want to support them now that so many disturbing facts have been revealed and the majority of Chandler residents oppose this company?


Gunner said...

My oh my, the anti-Covance forces are hard at work.

Covance must suck because somone who worked there once knew the grat Arizona Satan, Fife Symington. Now, if someone once knew Ev Mecham, I might join the lynch mob.

Peta vs Saddam. Hmmm, the gallows are still warm as I write this. Tough choice. PETA, WalMart, Saddam, Nappy, they all smell a lot worse than the Chandler Transfer Station.