Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pederson - the newest Republican

Candidate Jim Pederson, former chairman of the State Democratic party continue to run as a Republican in his quest to unseat Congressman Jon Kyl.

The Democrats are so hungry for power that the campaigns they run are full of hateful, racist rhetoric, and all they do is attack, attack, attack, smear, smear and smear. It strongly resembles the worst of British politics. They give someone like Jim Pederson the opportunity to campaign and what do the citizes of Arizona get?

"Vote for me, I'm an honest land developer and Jon Kyl sucks."

That is the essence of the Pederson campaign.

Great website he has, too.

His upcoming events calendar contains three entries:

11/7/2006 Election Day 2006
11/7/2006 election day 2006
11/7/2006 Election Day 2006

Wonder if that means he expects each of his supporters to vote three times?

His Campaign News consists of 5 entries:

5/19/2006 - New AZ Senate Poll: Pederson Cuts Kyl's Lead by 22 Points
5/17/2006 - Kyl Swallows Immigration "Poison Pill"
5/17/2006 - Pederson Unveils Prescription Drug Plan
5/17/2006 - Pederson to Hold Medicare Prescription Drug Townhall Events in Phoenix Area
5/16/2006 - Kyl Does Election Year Flip-Flop on Prescription Drugs

No news in the last month. He makes new less frequently that I update this blog, and that is pretty pathetic. Oh, and I am almost afraid to point out that he mentions his own name 3 times, and Jon Kyl's name an equal number of times. Not very smart, but when your only campaign theme is "Jon Kyl Sucks" you have to keep mentioning his name.

For example, Let's look at his take on energy independence:

Jim Pederson knows that we can’t afford to be at the mercy of foreign oil any longer. It’s an economic concern – and a security necessity. This summer, Flagstaff, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Mesa all broke records for high prices. We need energy independence so that we are no longer handcuffed to Mideast oil.

Jim will fight for a sound energy policy that will use technology we have available today, so we can free ourselves from energy dependence and invest in America’s technological future instead of pouring money into subsidies for big oil companies. Today, with hybrid, solar, and bio-mass technologies, we can boost energy efficiency immediately.

And Jim will make sure that while we make America safer, we compete and win for the 21st century opportunities these technologies present. Clean energy will be a huge source of jobs for the future and we’ve let countries like Japan and South Korea get a head start – if we don’t catch up, they will run away with this market.

Talk about taking up three paragraphs to say absolutely nothing -- this is classic Washington-speak.

No sane person would disagree with the first paragraph -- and any fifth grader has enough knowledge to write it. The same thing applies to the third paragraph. Sweet nothingness, completely devoid of substance.

The second paragraph is no better. It contains a series of empty statements. It says nothing other than he will fight the good fight. Where is he on offshore drilling? Anwar? Wind generation across from the Kennedy compound? Or, closer to home, the EPA requirments for botique blends of fuel that raise our costs and create artificial shortages? Is he for or against the building of a refinery here in Arizona? the expansion of Palo Verde?

But it doesn't matter, does it, because Jon Kyl sucks.

[Edited to delete/change a paragraph that was factually incorrect. The error was entirely mine.]

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