Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jim Pederson -- Is He Ashamed of His Roots?

I waited until I had seen it a seocnd time, but the current television commercial being run by Jim Pederson is amazing, simply amazing.

Here we have the former Chairman of the State Democratic Party doing a commercial in which he is claiming, in essence, to be a non-partisan candidate for office.

Why to her Jim tell it, he doesn't care if someone is Democrat or Republican, he'll listen to their ideas.

Why do I ahve a very hard time believing this. It is almost like having an editor at the Arizona Republic tell me that their immigaration coverage is fair and balanced. In their dreams.

Face it, Jim Pederson is a party hack. That is not a bad thing, every political party needs workers and staff who believe in the ideals of their party. How Jim Pederson can ethically justify pretending he is not a tried and true Democrat is beyond comprehension. Is he ashamed of his politial party -- the same party he chaired?

If you are a politician, and a member of a political party, then hold you heard up and run as a member of that party -- unless you want to be the next Grant Woods of Arizona politics.

Hey Jim! You are a Democrat, start acting like one -- unless you realize that as a Democrat, you are part of a political party that has so completely sold out to left wing extremists and haters that it is impossible to get elected, even in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans, and you get the advantage of all the voting fraud by illegals and felons.

Make me want to trust you.

In fact, your commercial is so smarmy, that if you were running against McCain, I would actually have to cast a defensive vote for John the Terrible -- something I swore I would never do again.


toc001 said...

It's Pederson you dick!

Gunner said...

Don't you just love the eloquence and verbal skills of the rabid left?

However, despite his lack of civility and breeding, our mosdt gracious visitor is correct, and I was wrong. It is Pederson, and I am correcting the posting to reflect his correct name.