Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Apache Junction Follow Up

To donate to the legal defense fund for the Apache Junction student who burned a Mexican flag after attempts to raise it over his school go to any Wells Fargo Bank and make a contribution to the:


Account number 2628245579 district

From the linked article on the KFYI web site.
Apache Junction school officials say much of the information on KFYI and other media outlets since the March 31 incident have included erroneous information. Here's what the district says happened:

About 6:55 am, more than an hour before the U.S. flag is raised on the flagpole at the NJROTC building each day, three Hispanic students tried to raise a Mexican flag on the pole. Before they could get it fully attached, three Anglo students approached, took the flag down, and handed it to the Hispanic students, asking them to take it away. A few minutes later, two of the original three Hispanic students returned and again tried to raise the Mexican flag. Before they could do so, the Anglo students took the flag, threw it on the ground, and one of them lit it on fire.

At that point, school security officers intervened, separated the groups of students, and called police. According to a district spokeswoman, all six students have been suspended, and will have to go before a school hearing officer to determine whether they will face further discipline. No hearing dates have been set. Two students, one from each side, were arrested. The Hispanic student was arrested for "interfering with an educational institution" and the Anglo student was arrested for "reckless burning."

It is interesting that neither the Apache Junction Unified School District nor the Apache Junction High School has any mention of the incident on their web page.

I haven't seen a press release from the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona either. Why does that not surprise me. They support the rights of long-haired, maggot-infested, FM-radio-listening, anti-Americans who want to burn the Stars and Stripes. Why not the ROTC student who burned the mexican Flag. Doesn't he have constitutional right to free expression? Or does the ACLU only support anti-American causes?


Charles G. Joy said...

I am the father of the Apache Junction High School R.O.T.C. student arrested after the flag burning incident. Thank you for mentioning the fact that the High School has posted nothing of the incident on their website. I thought that you might also be interested to know that the information that the School District is putting out contained many false hoods. They don't want the entire truth to come out and that makes myself and some of the other parents of other students involved in the incident very angry. What are they trying to hide? I can tell you.

Gunner said...

Glad to have made the posting.

Tell your son that this old Vietnam vet is real proud of him, and the parents who brought him up with a great set of values.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened with this? It was quite hot for some time and suddenly fell off the radar?

Was he actually charged with felony arson? (If so, ttime to do some house cleaning at the schoolboard. As the saying goes, let the punishment fit the crime. In this case, there was no crime, but an American patriot standing up for his country.

Where the rest of them? Be proud of your son. You raised him well.