Monday, January 16, 2006

Time flies.....

It is hard to believe that a month has passed since I last posted.

And what a month it has been.

The Cardinals have been put out of our mercy for another year. It simply got too painful to chronicle their complete demise.

The Diamondbacks are busy offering millions of dollars to players who have never played at the major league level. The 2006 season may be a bust, but they are trying.

I've spent most of my time working on the family genealogy website, and what an effort it has been. I've leared some of the basis of the PhP programming language, and while I'm certainly not ready to quit my day job, I'm feeling good about what I have done so far.

Similarly, I have started to rebuild the Vietnam War Internet Project website.That has been a less successful effort. I've managed to screw up the forum that was temporarily parked under my gunships website, so I cannot even get back in to administer it, let alone get the message store, so I'll have to manually add several hundred postings. I'm more than halfway through putting up the Robert Garwood report, and hope to have it finished within a week. The photo gallery is up, but again a lot of the archive photos have eluded me. Still, there is no real timeline, and I really shouldn't stress over it.

The Alito hearings were a farce. Kennedy is a joke, and clearly he was the dimmest bulb of the three brothers. I wonder if we should simply kick New England out of the US and be done with their socialism. I wonder how anyone can vote Democrat any more, as the current crop of socialists running the party give a very bad name to liberalism.

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