Monday, October 10, 2005

Technology Highlights --Week Ending 10/08

Imation announced its new Ulysses(TM) technology -- the first disk-enhanced removable media cartridge. The Ulysses solution was developed to radically accelerate tape automation by integrating a hard disk drive (HDD) into a standard tape cartridge form factor for deployment in any tape library environment. Ulysses is a Serial ATA (SATA) 2.5-inch disk drive in an LTO Ultrium cartridge form factor. Used with the Ulysses tape drive emulator, this disk- enhanced removable media accelerates backup and restore performance and resides within an existing tape library. The emulator fits in any standard tape drive bay and is recognized by the host, backup software and storage management software as a standard tape drive.

I like this solution because tape is so very, very obsolete, but so many companies have a huge investment in tape drives and backup tapes. Imation hasn't announced any pricing yet, so this may not be ready for deployment.


BellSouth today announced that it has increased e-mail storage capacity to 250MB at no additional cost for select small business and consumer broadband customers.

Idiots! I guess no one told them you get 2+ gigabytes for free with G-mail. I'm surprised they don't try to slip in a charge for formatting the hard drives.


EarthLink launched the Protection Control Center, a downloadable, integrated suite of protection and security features that improves the subscriber's Internet experience by simplifying the task of securing a home computer.

Good show! ISPs need to do more of this to help users in the never-ending battle against the bad stuff that is getting put on their computers.


Gateway introduced a new 21-inch widescreen LCD flat-panel display priced at just $599.99.

I want one! I want one! Actually, I really need a matched pair since I currently use two screens.

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