Sunday, October 02, 2005


As I drive around the valley I cannot help but notice all of the signs that are stuck into the ground or nailed to poles. The signs promote this, that, or the other thing. Some are made to appear to be handwritten, and the signs all share one thing in common – they constitute visual litter.

Of late I have noticed that a pixie, or a group of pixies has been going around and, rather than removing the signs, have been tearing or cutting off the lower right hand corner containing the last four digits of the phone number. Now, how cool is that.

See if you can spot their work.

Several months ago, I went to the City of Chandler offices and met with a community representative and suggested that the City sponsor a volunteer group of citizens who would ride around otherwise unused City vehicles on the weekend and clean up all these signs on the street corner. My suggestion was forwarded to the Police department where I got a very abrupt call from a volunteer coordinator who basically told me there are laws involved and the general public is probably too stupid to do this correctly. Gee Thanks.

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