Friday, October 28, 2005

Can you spare a dime?

I see that the leaders of the Socialist Republic of Tempe have decided that payday loan stores are quite evil, and that something needs to be done to stop their expansion. As usual, this is not an original thought from Tempe, but they are piggybacking off of the concerns of other communiteis in the Metro area.

Future stores would have to get a permit to operate. Now that is a joke.

The rhetoric has been incredible. The stores have been described as a blight, or undesirable. the best of all is that people don't want two or tree of these on every corner. Apparently they detract from all of the empty gas stations, and Tempe is miffed that they ar not getting their fair share of the drugstores that are taking two or three corners of every major intersection in Chandler.

The danger in all of this is that if the people running the community suddenly decide that they don't like {name your own business type here} then you are hosed, will be subjected to a massive permitting process, and all sorts of small town politics.

Since I am a Burger King type of guy, perhaps I can get them to start banning all the Golden Arches. Or how about Wal Mart. Now that is a blight if I ever saw one, with all the crappy RVs in the parking lot.

Forgive me if I have asked this before, but how is it that someone spends upwards of $100,000 on an RV, and has to park it in a Wal Mart parking lot for a week? Are the checkout lines that long?

But back to Tempe. If a business is engaged in a legal enterprise, then I question why elected officials have the right to screw around with their businesses. If they don't want Payday Loan Stores, too bad. They are doing nothing illegal. They are offering a service. Granted, it is an expensive service, but it is a legal service and they deserve to be left alone. This concept of government as some sort of parent for the rest of us is dangerous.

It is the same thing that the previous mayor did when he was with MAG. He didn't want people who chose not to live in Tempe to have a decent commute past his city, so he foiled the proper expansion of the US60. So now, every morning, traffic slows to a crawl as the lane merge because this bozo did not want the freeway to be widened. Then, to make matters worse, the squeezed Mill Avenue into one lane as it went through the downtown area, further pushing people onto the freeways. Nice. Thousands of commuters are inconvenienced every day because this elected official took advantage of his ability to screw non-costituents.

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