Thursday, September 08, 2005

A modern parable

There is an old story that seems to be worth retelling. I make no claims for originality.

Once upon a time, there was a good old boy by the name of Fred.

Fred lived alone in a home near the banks of a large river. He had lived there all his life and could not imagine living anywhere else. To suggest he was hardheaded might be an understatement.

One day the Sheriff’s patrol pulled up, saw Fred sitting on his porch, and said:

Fred, you might want to come with us, there is a huge storm brewing and there will likely be flooding. We can take you to safety.

Fred replied, “That’s OK, boys, the Lord will protect me.

The Sheriff’s patrol moved on to go and try to assist others.

The storm came, and widespread flooding prevailed. Fred’s house now stood in 12 feet of water. A Game and Fish Department volunteer, in a motorized skiff pulled up to the second floor window where Fred was surveying the flooding and said, “Climb in Fred, the flooding is going to get worse, I’m here to rescue you.

Fred replied, “That’s OK, the Lord will protect me.

The Game and Fish Department volunteer moved on.

The rains continued and the flooding worsened.

The crew of the Coast Guard helicopter saw the forlorn man sitting atop his chimney as flood waters swirled around. They lowered a ladder and announced over the loudspeaker, “Fred, get on the ladder we will take you to safety. The dam upstream is going to burst.”

Fred waved them away replying, “That’s OK, boys, the Lord will protect me.”

The rains continued, and the dam failed to hold.

The scene now shifts to the main entrance to Heaven, right alongside the Pearly Gates. A sodden and bedraggled Fred waits to see Saint Peter, and proceeds to give him an earful, demanding to se the Lord and straighten this all out. He gets his audience and proceeds to lambaste the Lord for not saving him.

Fred, you dummy,” the Lord replied. “We done sent the Sheriff, a Game and Fish boat, and a Coast Guard helicopter.


I have to wonder if there is a current day parallel to this.

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Jim said...

Glad I found your blog... good stuff.. btw... thank you for your service to this country.