Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Little Self Promotion

I want to take a few minutes here and engage in a bit of shameless self promotion. In addition to this blog, I also maintain what I believe is an authority website on the US Air Force fixed wing gunship program.

This is a totally free website that is a labor of love. I sell nothing from there and don't even run Adsense advertisements. You can find it at The site contains a lot of great information, including a huge photo gallery, lots of first-person information about the gunships, the people who flew them, and the people who maintained them. I invite you to visit.

The design is ugly as sin, and I'm slowly working on that. I'm not making a dime off of you, there are no ads, no pop-ups, just trying to share some information and photos. if you dig deep enough in the photo albums, you'll even find a photo of me, skinny as a rail, full head of hair, clutching a jug of bourbon and a member of the indigenous population of Thailand.

Buried on that site, with no links from, is a public forum. The best way to get to it is via, although it will definitely show as part of once you get there. [At some point I host it separately, but not right now.] Disclosure: I am making big bucks on the forum, via Adsense, with revenues (when combined with those from my blog) amount to $1.26 over the last two months. I know, I'm just a stinking capitalist -- no wonder I vote Republican.

VWVP stands for the Vietnam War Virtual Project. This forum is an outgrowth of the old soc.history.war.vietnam moderated Usenet newsgroup. Usenet once used to be a place to find pretty good and interesting content, but is mostly a meaningless void populated by spammers, scammers, and conspiracy theorists. The forum requires one register in order to post (except for one open forum where one can post but not reply). It only has about 800 posts to date, mostly by me, in an effort to get some quality information loaded.

This is a forum that will never be finished, but in you have an interest in the Vietnam war (pro, con or otherwise) and can conduct yourself like an adult, I encourge you to join and participate. There is not much traffic now, and even less conversation, so every little bit helps. So thanks for allowing me to promote myself. Hopefully my two sites will offer information that cannot be found elsewhere on the web.

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