Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where are our friends?

As I think about the tragedy on the Gulf Coast, the comparisons with Hurricane Camille, the memories I have of places that will never be the same again, I have to wonder, Where Are Our Friends?

Quite naturally, our great friends to the North, in Canada, was the first country to offer aid. Thank you. While our political leaders and their flunkies often quibble, but we Americans have learned that in time of trouble, the average Canadian will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us. Even when they are mad at us, Canada always steps up! True Friends. I expect the UK to be next.

Where is France? Where is Japan? Where is Italy? Where is Russia? Where is Mexico?

Our Friends the Saudis are profiting nicely. Jessie Jackson's newest buddy in Venezuela is profiting nicely.

And, where the hell is our Governor? I need to be told if this is a problem or a crisis. C'mon Janet, talk down to us some more.

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Jack Benway said...

Actually, the first country to offer aid was Israel, which is appropriate since we've certainly spent a few dollars on their country.

Janet showed up in Tucson today to tour the refugee camp that's been set up at the Tucson Convention Center. It received her stamp of approval. She seems happy to welcome another group of poor, unskilled people to Arizona to keep the illegals company.