Monday, August 01, 2005

Popcorn and Dan

I love popcorn.

I usually have at least one bag of microwave popcorn, or more, every day. When I head to Harkins Theatres to catch a flick, I usually get the giant refillable size, and consume it and about half of the refill before staggering to my car.

I do have two popcorn-related issues that I would like to resolve.

The first deals with microwave popcorn. After I have popped a bag, and avoided scorching my fingers with the hot steam that erupts when I open the bag, I usually dump the contents into my designated popcorn bowl. I then take the bag and rinse it out with cold water before dumping it is the trash. I have this fear that if I don't do this, the heat buildup in the bag may cause it to ignite in the trash and burn me out of house and home. Is this an irrational fear, and does anyone else rinse out their microwave popcorn bag?

The second popcorn concern I have relates directly to Harkins. I admire the heck out of Dan Harkins. I think he has done a magnificent job of building a quality local theatre chain. I highly respect his business acumen. I cannot remember the last time we went to the movies when it was not one of his theatres. A friend gave us a Harkins gift cart to celebrate an event, and the card come with a coupon for a free medium popcorn. Now the only thing better than popcorn is free popcorn, so I was in my glory. I went to the counter, plunked down the coupon and asked how much it was to upgrade to the giant, industrial, back of a pickup truck size that I normally enjoy. I was told that I could only get a medium, and that I could not upgrade. Dan, this blew my mind. Here I was, willing to part with some additional pictures of dead presidents, and I was turned down. You didn't want my money. I thought you were too smart to willingly leave money on the table.

This whole blog made me hungry – guess what I'm going to go eat?

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Anonymous said...

I take the lazy-man's approach to the hot, steaming, spent popcorn bag - stick it in the sink! Go watch your movie, enjoy your popcorn, and throw the bag away later.