Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gasoline Prices

OK, so the price of gas is obscenely high, and I don't care how much they pay a gallon or liter or however they measure it over in Europe. Over there they aren't buying gasoline, they are funding their Socialist government giveaways.

My anger is to the right of the decimal point. I think it is simply wrong for gas stations to continue to charge fractions of a cent per gallon. If the prices is $2.53 a gallon, then it should be $2.53 a gallon, not $2.539 per gallon. Yes I understand the deceptive marketing theory. It simply looks cheaper. Maybe that made sense when the price was 89 cents a gallon, but today's consumers are too sophisticated for that garbage.

If the price drops below one dollar a gallon, they are welcome to tack on fractions of a cent to the price of each gallon, but so long as they are charging more than a dollar a gallon (and they are approaching three times that) then they should not be allowed to charge a fraction of a cent per gallon.

Shamrock Farms can't do that for milk. Why should Chevron do it for gasoline?


Ron said...

I guess i never thought of it before, but we really are paying more for gas than the price states. Also, I've heard that gas will hit $4.00 a gallon sometime. Maybe then, $2.60 will seem cheap...just like $1.50 does now. I remember when I got my license, just five short years ago, and I bought my first tank of gas for $.99 per gallon...wow, the good ole days.

Gunner said...

Ahhh, but you actually paid 99.9 cents per gallon.

Anonymous said...

Unless they precede it with a big advertising campaign, no one will want to go first. If you drive by an Exxon with $2.59(9) and a Shell with $2.60(0), which will you enter? Which will you go to at 0515 on the way to work while your still half asleep?