Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Supremes

As I watch the various special interest groups having political kittens over the upcoming nomination of a Supreme Court justice, I can only laugh.

Teddy Kennedy making speeches, the NOW gang (and other single interest groups) having protests, and the media ready to go into full attack mode on anyone whose name gets mentioned. It really is pathetic.

I’d love to see the WH engage in a policy of frequent meaningless leaks. Leak a name a day, knowing full well that whoever has their name leaked is not being to be nominated. Let all the special interest groups bankrupt themselves digging for dirt and preparing attack ads. Name liberals, name conservatives, name women, name minorities, name Newt. Hey, name Bill Clinton.

Then, after all the special interest groups have gone crazy and revealed themselves for what they are, formally name the real nominee. [Evil laugh]

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