Wednesday, July 13, 2005

POLAR Republicans

A chilling concept

We've all heard, or bandied about, the term RINO, which stands for Republican In Name Only, and is used to describe people who claim to be Republicans, but in truth, are more Democrat when it comes to votings.

I'd like to suggest a new description, since RINO is, at a minium, trite and not well understood.

I'm starting to think of certain politicians as POLAR Republicans:
Path Of LeAst Resistance Republicans.

I'd like to offer three examples of POLAR Republicans and see if anyone agrees.

1. Grant Woods There is hardly an issue I the state where this former Attorney General moves to the populist position. Remember, this person was the co-chair of the Matt Salmon for governor campaign – who then totally sabotaged his candidate in the weeks before the election in announcing that he planned to switch political parties. Of course, POLAR Republican that he is, he never did make the switch.
2. John McCain It really is all about John, and he would never make a tough decision in support of his party when he can grab the spotlight and broker a deal with his political opponents that leaves his political allies hanging in the wind.
3. Arizona Legislature I have never seen a bigger bunch of self-centered fools who refuse to stand up to Guv'nor Janet, but would rather negotiate away their leadership that to hold fast to the concept of being a Republican. Janet just blinks and they pee their pants and run away in abject terror. She bests them at every single opportunity.

POLAR Republicans, sort of gives you a chill, doesn't it?

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