Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bruce in the Morning

Like many of my fellow right-wing nutjobs, I spend a lot of time listening to KFYI radio while I am playing bumper tag on the Valley freeways.

For the most part, I enjoy their lineup of local talent, even though they have made some horrendous talent decisions in the past. Allowing Grant Woods to assume the microphone and pretend to be a loyal conservative was a huge mistake. The morning team of Heidi Foglesong and Bill Heywood was an unmitigated disaster. Charles Goyette always struck me as someone who did not have a center, who would always go with the controversy, and never with a philosophy. I miss the heck out of Bob Mohan and wish the station would bring him back.

But I really don’t want to talk about all those people; I want to focus on Bruce Jacobs instead. I don’t have any major philosophical issues with Bruce. He generally takes the same positions on major issues that I do, and he brings a great deal of enthusiasm to his beliefs.

Yet, I’ve begun turning him off in the mornings.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. I don’t believe that he does sufficient show preparation, as evidenced by some of the material that he tries to read on the air. Too often, while he is stumbling through a paragraph or three, I have a feeling that he never really sat down and carefully read what he is trying to read aloud. I think he has looked at it, perhaps he has sped through it, but he has not carefully read it aloud prior to attempting to read it on the air.

2. I don’t like being yelled at, and recently the first two hours of his program seem consist of one giant rant, when he is yelling about this or that. Valley traffic is stressful enough without having to hear him scream over the radio.

3. Too many pejoratives. Sure, a funny nickname is cute now and again, but Bruce has a pejorative-based name for everyone, and many are downright offensive. This is the kind of garbage I expect from move on dot org [sorry, no free link for those folks] but not from KFYI.

4. Too much sports talk. I love sports, but sports have a place. I don’t turn to XTRA sports 910 for insightful political commentary and I don’t want to hear one hour of Bruce talking sports when I am looking for insightful political commentary.

5. Too much of the lowest common denominator. Bruce seems to revel in going into the gutter with callers such as Mary. It is simply bad radio. It is beneath him. I belive that Bruce is better than that.

So Bruce, you are a right thinking guy, I think you can be perfect for the timeslot you are in, and I have no desire that they replace you. Just stop yelling at me, do some more show prep, knock off the pejoratives and gutter talk, and limit yourself to no more than 10 minutes of sports talk per hour, and we’ll get along just fine.


Mike said...

I've been turning Bruce off for over a year. If you know how he thinks, then you're a better man than I, I can't listen long enough to figure out what he means.

Gunner said...


I sent Bruce a note telling him that I had blooged him and gave him a link.

His response (he obviously never followed the link) was "I'm honored."

I'mnot sure I know how he things, but I choose to interpret what he says in a favorable light. Hey, they could being back Charles or Bill and put them in that slot!

Jack Benway said...

You're asking too much here. Keep in mind that the Phoenix metro area used to consider Pat McMahon a biting commentator on KTAR. Yes, Pat McMahon, the guy who donned a blond Prince Valiant wig and played a schoolboy on the Wallace and Ladmo show.

As an aside, in the early days of the commercial Internet, I was interviewed by Pat McMahon on-air regarding the "threat" Internet pornography presented to children. When he attempted to take the wrong moral high ground, I pointed out to him that surely a grown man dressed as a schoolboy on a children's TV show did far more bizarre damage to kids than some online T and A. He abruptly ended the interview.

Gunner said...

Jack --

I was a guest on a 30 minute segement by Pat some 20 years ago.

I think I got about 10 words in during the 30 minutes.

Mike said...

He said: "I'm honored"?

Why bother to reply at all? Then, he could have read it and replied with this...

"Oh, you're tuning me out and getting back into audiobooks, eh? Well that's good for you then isn't it, yeah that's great, I feel as if I've been held up on a pedestal of honor because you actually noticed that it was ME that drove you away from an otherwise palatable broadcast station, I'm getting all warm and fuzzy feeling inside wait no, that's more prickly than fuzzy and it's too low down in the abdomen to be an omen of good, uh oh, I remember this from the last time I was a TFnincompoop, I hope someone restocked the TP, pardon me..."