Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Curses, foiled again

I thought that I had it all together when I sent in last month’s column. I was on time, which is a rarity, and the topic was, well, topical. Then, when it was too late to do anything about it, AOL announced that it had busted one of its employees for capturing and selling several zillion AOL account names to the spamming jihad.

I guess no one noticed the guy’s requisition for 32,418 preformatted floppy disks

Hi, I’m from AOL. Trust me.

Bah, humbug!

Changing topics, but not really changing topics; I’ve had a hotmail account for several hundred years now, as has every other living being on the planet. My hotmail account, while occasionally neglected, is the top dog in my hierarchy of throw away mail accounts. I’ve always enjoyed the utility of having throw away mail account. They are, in part, necessary for the work I do as an editor with the Open Directory Project, since some submitters take it very personally when their submission ends up in the trash heap of unlistable sites.

For a long time I worked on trying to create the untraceable throw away account, but at some point realized that I was just going to throw the darned thing away anyhow, so why bother. I’m also somewhat embarrassed by the fact that on more than one occasion I have completely forgotten about throw away account that I had set up and then let time out because I never checked for mail.

Still I’ve never really come close to getting rid of my hotmail account -- until now.

Every time I open the junk mail folder I get the microscopic digestive bacteria scared out of me. For there, in the subject line of an increasingly large number of e-mails, is my complete name and home address. This really, really bothers me, especially when I consider how many junk e-mails I see that are misaddressed. So I have to wonder how many people are getting junk e-mails with my name and address in the subject line. Scary.

So I have to wonder. Whose fault is that? I used a nom-de-net when I signed up for the account years ago, but I think I might have used the address when doing some legitimate software registrations. So the fault is probably mine, and I need to save/move all my archived messages and let that puppy expire. I hate to see it go. I also have to wonder if Internet Explorer shares more personal information than I wish. I have no way of knowing the answer to that. But I have my suspicions.

Really changing subjects this time; I am running a system that uses Rambus RD-RAM technology, and I have this strong feeling that I really screwed up. The system works just fine, and performance is somewhat good, but could be better. Since the system is running a 1.2 gigahertz Intel processor, and only has 256MB of RAM, I decided that a RAM upgrade would give the system a little more room to do its magic. Wrong!

Have you seen the price for Rambus memory? The stuff is tremendously overpriced and for the cost of upgrading my current system memory, I could buy an entirely new system.

Rambus, and its licensees, can all pound sand as far as I am concerned. I won’t spend a penny on their overpriced memory. It simply is not worth it, regardless of their performance claims.

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